All About Visitor Visa (B1-B2 Visa) to USA

About Visitor Visa: If you are from a country other than the United States of America, wish to travel to the US for a particular purpose, and then you must have Visitor Visa. And that purpose should not be to stay live in the United States. Or you must not be looking for a job. Visitor Visa clearly indicates that are just a visitor to the United States, but not to work or study. To work in the US or to study in the US, you need to apply for to the different Visa category. Here in this article, you will clearly know about the classes under Visitor Visa, who comes under which Visa group, how long they can stay under Visitor Visa and I hope many of your doubts regarding Visitor Visa clearance.

Visitor Visa obtained for a temporary stay to live in the United States. Normally there are two different Visitor Visas. They are B1 Visa and B2 Visa. B1 Visa is for the people who wish to enter the United States for Business purpose. And B2 Visa is for the people who want to visit their relatives or friends, or for medical treatment, or to visit as a tourist for vacation. Make sure which class Visa you fall into before applying for Visitor Visa. The purpose of your visit must be so particular to avoid further problems.

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All you need to know about Visitor Visa

In countries like China, India, etc., Visitor Visas approvals are in the United States of America Consultant Embassy office.

You need to attend for an interview at the US consultant to obtain Visitor Visa. Unlike for Employment Visa (H1B / H1B1 Visa), there is no limit quota for Visitor Visa. So you can directly apply for an appointment once you arranged all the required documents. And you must carry necessary documents like financial documents, proof for the purpose of the visa and so soon. B2 Visa applicants can arrange a translator, and it will not effect the approval of Visa unlike it affects B1 Visa approval. If others sponsor the Visitor visa applicant, then the sponsor should arrange some mandate documents in support of the Visa applicant to submit them during the time of interview at the US consultant. To know more about B1 – B2 Visa (Visitor Visa) applications process you find here.

Coming to the Visa period, Visitor Visa issued from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 10 years. Minimum period, i.e., three months is a rare case. Though the Visitor Visa approved for ten years, you cannot stay continuously for more three months. But by applying for an extension, one can stay up to six months with the approval from USCIS. After six months, non-immigrant visa holder (B1 – B2 Visa holder) must leave the country with no exception. Though you are not required to attend any further interview, you need to carry “proof of return,” ” “purpose of visit” and other required documents for your next visit. Remember, during the time of interview process at the US consultant; you need to show the “proof of return” to the Consultant officer. Also, if you want to extend your stay in the US, it may affect your next trip.

Factors influencing your Visitor Visa approval

  • If you are between the age 15 to 30, single and without any job, it will give a negative impact. Whereas, if your age is above 60+, then it is a positive sign for your Visa approval.
  • Involvement in any of the court cases, sentences in any of the crimes no matter how small it is, causes a great impact on approval of your Visa.
  • As a proof of return, you should show at least your house in your home country.

Documents and your purpose of the visit must be so accurate, to get your Visitor Visa approved. As per my research, I wrote this article to get a brief idea about B1 – B2 Visa. Also, here in our website, you can find many articles related to Visitor Visa right from things to done before applying to your return journey. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do make a comment below. I would be so glad to help you.

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