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Apply for an F1 Visa – Student Visa, USA: A foreign citizen who wants to study in the USA, have to obtain Student Visa, i.e., F1 Visa. Though there many other Study Visas, most students opt to apply for F1 Student Visa only. The reason for this is, students who want to study in the United States come for Masters. As per college academic calendar, the period to complete Masters is in between 11 months to a maximum of 2 years. This period totally depends upon the kind of the University and the Course. Sometimes a student may take much longer time than two years for some obvious reasons.

For all these reasons, many students wish to apply for an F1 Visa, because of its long validation period, i.e., five years. If you are one of those scholars who wants to apply for an F1 Visa to study in the USA, then this article is for you. Here I’m going to explain to you precisely to how to and where to start to apply for F1 student Visa. Before that, know some quick things about F1 Visa. Firstly the steps that involved in applying for F1 Visa.

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How to Apply for an F1 Visa – Student Visa, USA?

  1. English Language Test & Test Score
  2. Search for University
  3. Apply and Get Acceptance (I-20 Form)
  4. Pay the Fees
  5. Fill Visa Application Form (DS 160 Form for F1 Student Visa)
  6. Schedule for an Interview for F1 Visa
  7. Attend ‘The Interview’

These are different stages for a student who is applying for an F1 Visa. You should be very careful at every stage in the process of applying for F1 Student Visa. A single small mistake can make a big impact in the approval of your F1 Visa. So deal it with utmost care. For you, I tried to explain every single stage in detail, to make your errors null. So start reading the following steps carefully.

Step by Step Process of Applying F1 Visa – Student Visa, USA

Stage 1: English Language Test & Test Score

This is the first stage for every student who wants to have an F1 Visa. It is to mention that, this test is only for Students from Non-English Speaking Countries. GRE/ TOFEL is the most recommended English Language Test. The best score you got in this exam, the best University you can get acceptance. All top rated Universities accepts GRE/TOFEL score only. For Students who are planning to take classes in Business Management have to write GMAT.

Other than these tests, IELTS is also one of the English Test. But the chances are less to get acceptance from University compared to GRE/TOFEL/GMAT Scores. But many State Universities accepts IELTS Score. If you are an Under Graduation student and Language of Teaching is English then, some private Universities can give you acceptance. But I highly recommend you to don’t go with such Dum Universities.

Prepare well for the English Test. Perform Well and get a good decent score. These score plays a vital role to apply for an F1 Visa.

Stage 2: Search for University

Depending on the score you got, you can start searching for a University.   Since the US has many top rated schools through the Country, first, decide where you want to live in the United States. Know about the climatic conditions of that place. The United States have different weather conditions and do check which suits you best. Make an inquiry with your friends or relatives who are living in the USA. It is so important to know about it before only. Because, if you have some health issues like cold flu, then you cannot live in the East of the USA. The Consular at United States Embassy also may ask you about the weather condition during the time of F1 Visa Interview.

Once you decided, then start searching for the SEVP Approved universities (SEVP Approved universities are the only universities that can issue I-20 Form or DS-2019 Form) in that area. Make a list of them. Every school keeps the eligibility criteria on their official website. By checking your eligibility, sort out the universities and Mark 5 schools. Out of 5, two should be top rated universities from your short list, the next two should be decent universities, and one should be a sure short school that can accept your admission.

Stage 3: Apply and Get Acceptance (I-20 Form)

Start applying to the universities as per your list. Submit all the documents and make an admission as per the university rules. It is to note that any admission fee you paid is not refundable. The documents such as Transcripts of your mark list till date, Job experience letter (if any), GRE/TOFEL/ IELTS Score Cards, and Financial Support Documents are required for the submission during the admission process.

The admission department may take more than 3 weeks to 3 months to process your application. Once they approve, you will get a Letter of Acceptance from the University along with I-20 Form or DS-2019 Form by post. This I-20 Form is so important that you will have your SEVIS ID on this form. Also, after your successful completion of F1 Visa process, you need to show this I-20 Form at the port of entry to the Officer of Homeland Security. In the mid of your course, if you want to visit your home country, you need carry this I-20 Form.

Stage 4: Pay the Fees

The first you need to do after you receive your I-20 Form is Pay the SEVIS Fee (I-901 Fee). You need to enter your SEVIS ID which is on your I-20 Form, Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth to log on to SEVIS page. Once you logged in, fill the details and make SEVIS Fee (I-901 Fee).

Now open DS-160 Form and Start an Application to apply for an F1 Visa, i.e., Student Visa in the USA. Give the initial mandate details and get the Application ID. Since you cannot fill all the details in DS-160 at once, you can complete it in intervals using Application ID.

But before that, make the payment for F1 Visa Interview using the Application ID by selecting Scheduling USA Visa Appointment on the same DS-160 Form. The payment for F1 Visa Interview can be collected from some selective Banks only. Make the payment to make an appointment for your F1 Visa interview which is activated after 48 hours.

Step 5: Fill the F1 Visa Online Application Form (DS-160 Form) and Schedule Interview.

After 48 hours of your payment for the F1 Visa Interview, you make schedule an appointment at the available slots. In the process to apply for an F1 Visa to study in the Unites States, filling up of DS 160 Form must be done very carefully. The details you mention you here cannot be changed. If you made a mistake and submitted the DS-160 Form, then you need to fill the new DS-160 form by making another payment. Better be very careful in filling the F1 Visa Online Application Form DS-160 Form.

Step 6: Attend ‘The Interview’

Attend the F1 Visa interview. In this interview, your capabilities are determined whether you can withstand to stay in the United States. And this can be done through an Interview by the Consular at the United States Embassy Office. Many aspects will be taken into consideration during the time of this interview. All your actions and words will be counted. So be very careful in attending this F1 Visa Interview. Once you succeed, you are ready to fly to the United States of America.

This is the whole lot procedure to apply for an F1 Visa. As I didn’t explain precisely about to how to fill the F1 Visa Application Form, i.e., DS 160 Form and I didn’t mention about the Visa Fee too. You can find all those details in the related articles here in this blog. Please go through all those articles to get a clearer picture about to how to apply for an F1 Visa. Also, if you have any questions regarding F1 Visa, please feel free to comment below. Thank You!!

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