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Work with F1 Visa: Are you an F1 Visa student? Do you know that you can work with F1 Visa? Yes, you can work with F1 Student Visa. Not after the completion of your course. But during your course period also, you can do Job and earn money. Without any H1B Visa, and without any Employment Authorization Document (EAD), you can work in the United States with the F1 Visa. Any student with F1 Visa is eligible to work in the United States. But there are certain conditions and a procedure to follow. One small mistake in the process may ruin your chances of getting your H1B.

In this article, I’m going to telling how you can do Work with F1 Visa in the USA during the time of course. To work with F1 Visa, you need to perform well in the academics. It is better to get GPA 4.0 so get easy approval from the authorities. With CPT and OPT, you can work with F1 Student Visa. Getting approvals for CPT and OPT is not an easy task. As many will be knowing about OPT, in this article I’m totally explaining about CPT. Read carefully, before each and every line so avoid odds in the process.

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What are ways to Work with F1 Visa in the USA?

OPT (Optional Practical Training) & CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) are two kinds of ways that you can work with F1 Visa. The main variation between CPT and OPT is if you want to work during your course period you need to obtain CPT. and after the course, with OPT you can do the job without H1B Visa. While you are doing a job on OPT period, you can start applying for H1B Visa.

What is CPT?

CPT is a temporary authorization for practical training. Simply to say, with CPT you can do the internship. During your course period, if you get an offer from an employer, your DSO will approve you to do that Job. Keep in mind, your DSO will approve only if your job position is related to your field of study, i.e., mentioned on your I-20 form.

How long can I work CPT period?

You can work for a total of 12 months while you are on the course. But working for 12 months on CPT will affect your OPT period. If you work for 12 months on CPT, then you are not eligible to work on OPT. Depending on the number of working hours you work for a week, your work period varies.

How the number of works affects my CPT period?

With CPT, you can work for part time or full time. Since you are in the internship, you will be offered a part-time job only. Of course, there are some companies which can offer full-time jobs for CPT students. Here the important thing is, with part-time CPT, you can work for more than 12 months. This doesn’t show any effect on your OPT period. But if you work full-time for 12 months, then you won’t get the OPT period.

What are documents needed to work with CPT?

  • Should be an F1 Visa Student.
  • Must have a job offer letter from the Employer.
  • SSN Number.
  • Letter of Acceptance from the college.
  • CPT authorization on the third page of your I-20 Form.
  • Can I Change the Employer during CPT period?

Yes, you can change the Employer. But you need to get new CPT authorization before working for the new Employer. While applying for a CPT, you will be asked to mention starting and ending dates that you work with the Employer. After the end date, you are not eligible to work. You can take breaks. Later after if you wish, you can apply for New CPT approval to work with F1 Visa.

How can I apply for CPT?

  • Check with the DSO, that you meet the academic requirements to apply for CPT.
  • If the DSO say ‘Yes,’ start applying for jobs.
  • Clear the interview process, and get the ‘Offer Letter’ from the employer.
  • Showing the Offer Letter to the DSO, get the CPT Application Form.
  • Fill the form and get the Approval Form.
  • Along with the Approval Form, ask for a letter that you need to submit at the SSA office for SSN.
  • Go to the nearest SSA office. Attend the interview and submit all the details.
  • Once it is approved, you are ready.

All Done!! Start working with your employer. You will receive your SSN number to your cell phone within few days. The time you got your SSN number, notify your employer and update your SSN with the company you are working. Later in 10 to 20 days, your SSN card will be received by post to your address.


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