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Know About New H1B Visa Bill: It all started when a Congressmen named Zoe Lofgren introduced a bill in the US House of Representatives. The main agenda in introducing this High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017 bill is to double the minimum salary requirements to hold or apply for an H1B Visa. Right now the minimum annual salary income is limited to $60K. With this bill, the minimum annual salary limit goes to $130K. Since the date to file and apply for H1B Visa 2017 is coming closer. This New H1B Visa Bill is creating tension all over the people who are planning to apply for it. Stop falling into all those rumors and read this article to know all the facts and rumors about New H1B Reform Bill.

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What is H1B Visa?

As we all know, the United States of America provides a place to people who are talented in their respective fields. Many people from all around the world are working in the US with H1B Visa. This H1B Visa is introduced in the year 1989, and from that time till today, many reforms has taken place. A notable reform that is made on H1B Visa in the recent times is the Lottery System. A computer-based selection process to pick the candidates who applied for H1B Visa.

What’s the problem now?

Just like Republicans (Trump’s Party), many native citizens of the United States believe that with H1B Visa, the people of the US are facing Unemployment because of the increase in migrants. These migrants are later becoming immigrants. Students who are going to the US for study purpose, also planning to stay and getting jobs there. With this, the Youth of the United States is not getting jobs. To be fact, most of the software companies recruit people from India, China. As many people from countries like India and China are going are to the US to study and MS and get settled there itself.

What is the New H1B Bill?

The main purpose to introduce this bill is to increase Employment Opportunities to the US Citizens. With the new bill, the minimum salary will go to $130K per annum. So the jobs under this salary limit can be filled the people of the United States. The reason to introduce this New H1B Visa Reform Bill is to give opportunities to the brightest people from all around the world. And to fill those jobs with highly skilled American Workforce. So that, they can take America to the next level by creating jobs to the future generations.

Recently Senate Sherrod Brown said that he is going to a introduce a new bill related to H1B and L1 Visas. He added that with this bill the loopholes related to these would close. And can increase the protection for both Visa Holder and American Workers.

What are the Rumors about the New H1B Bill?

Many people are spreading rumors about the New H1B Visa reform Bill 2017. With this bill implementation, many foreign employees already lost their jobs. Many people already started applying for jobs and planning to go back to their home country. And some are busy in applying Canadian Visa and Australian Visa. President Trump is not tolerating any foreign person to stay in the United States.

What not? You can hear much more and more rumors. The reason for such kind of talks is, of course, because of Trump being President. During the time of his campaign for Presidental Elections 2016, his speeches are more into such kind of statements. And this made many people believe in such rumors.

The Facts About the New H1B Visa Bill Introduced:

Firstly of all, the bill is just introduced, but not implemented. Such kind of Bills is introduced in 10’s and 20’s in numbers at the House of Representatives. Once the bill is introduced, the Bill has to Pass and must approve by three Houses. Though it is approved by three Houses, President Trump has to Sign on the Bill to come into implementation. But to be fact, there are many positive chances that can pass all three houses. Because both major parties Republicans and Democrats are willing to pass the bill.

Though there are many speculations regarding this bill, don’t fall on all those rumors. Follow the official website congress.gov to know about the new H1B Visa bill 2017 that is introduced in the House of Representatives at California. Follow AfterPassport.com for instant Updates, News, and know more about types of Visas that are available and how to apply. If you have any quires, please do comment below.

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