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International Scholarship: Nowadays, getting a seat at one of the top rated universities in countries like the United States is not a big task. Foreigners like you or me, who have a good GRE/TOFEL Score with a good GPA can quickly grab a seat at any of the State Universities. Once you got a seat from a University, you need to Start applying for F1 Visa. It is known that the fees and the living expenses in the United States are so high. If a student got a seat in a state like California then, he/she has to bear a lot more money because of the higher living expenses.

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Because of these, every international student who is studying in the USA wishes to have International Scholarship. Though it is not easy to get a Scholarship, one can get it by giving their best performance in the studies. Other than International Scholarship provided by Schools, there are many other Scholarship Programs that a student can benefits. While I was doing from Graduation, I made payment to many online websites to access the information about International Scholarship Programs. Now, many sites are providing free data. If you can spend some time on the internet, you can find many Scholarship Programs that are available around your place.

Benefits of having an International Scholarship:

International Students who are will to study in countries like USA, Canada, and Australia have to spend a lot of money to finish their course. Having a Scholarship is an invaluable help students towards their personal financial needs. Also, the enthusiasm that is created to get a Scholarship makes students perform well in their Studies. A student you is a good performer can create steps to the future generations. And that’s the main motto to provide International Scholarships. Now let me explain and how to get an International Scholarship.

Steps to Search and Apply for an International Scholarship:

  1. Ask Your School
  2. Make a List
  3. Check Eligibility
  4. Apply for International Scholarship

The Above mentioned are the quick steps to get a Scholarship. Now let’s see the procedure to search and apply for a Scholarship.

Ask Your School: It doesn’t matter where do you study and where do stay. The first job to do is, ask your School or College Financial Aid Department about the Scholarships that are provided by your School or University. Mostly, they will have all the information about Scholarship programs. Also, check with Student Representative of the University for more info. Do your personal search on the internet for the best International Scholarships that available.

Make a List of Scholarships: Collect all the data and make a list of the International Scholarships. List them according to the rating of the Scholarship issuing authority. Check how much money you get as a Scholarship from each of the Scholarship Program. Know the approval ratio. Find the terms and conditions. List them accordingly.

Check Eligibility: The eligibility criteria for a Scholarship Program varies from one to another. One Scholarship may see your GRE/TOFEL Score, and the other may see only your IELTS Score. Some Scholarship Programs are available for people from a particular country, and some ask for your GPA. You can contact your DSO or a Financial Aid Expert at your University for more help regarding the International Scholarship Program. They can also assist you in checking your eligibility for the Scholarship and can calculate how much money you can get funded. It is always better to make your own research to find the best Scholarship that is suitable for you.

Apply for International Scholarship: Once you are done with checking your eligibility for Scholarship, you can start applying them. Different Scholarship Programs have different kinds of the application process. One may ask you to write why you actually need a Scholarship. While some asks you just fill an application form. Before applying for a Scholarship, once again check your eligibility. Contact the Scholarship Program Award Administrator to know the rules to apply for International Scholarship. Clearly, understand the procedure and start applying for Scholarship.

Some of the notable International Scholarship Programs that are recommended by are:

  • CollegeWeekLive $1,000 Scholarship
  • Full Sail Global Achievement Scholarship
  • Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship
  • Japanese Language Aurora Foundation Scholarship
  • Latin American Master’s Scholarship
  • Berkeley College International Student Scholarship
  • British Council-IELTS Award 2017
  • Medical Scrubs Collection Scholarship

Above are some of the International Scholarships Programs that you start applying. But as I said before, first check your eligibility. You want to know about how to fill an application for a particular Scholarship Program, please do comment below. I’m glad to assist you.


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