H1B Visa 2017 Premium Cap Removed

H1B Visa Premium Cap 2017: Till last year, the USCIS allowed premium cap for H1B Visa applicants. As you might know, for Premium Cap one must pay a huge amount to fasten the H1B Visa picking process. The number of Premium cap applications for H1B Visa will be given to pioneer companies. These companies have access to recruit foreign workforce using this premium cap system. With the latest law passed by the USICS, a body that takes cares about Immigration in the United States states, there is no more Premium Cap for H1B Visa FY 2017. So from this, one cannot file H1B Visa under Premium Cap. But one can apply for H1B Visa 2017 using sponsoring companies.

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No more H1B Visa Premium Cap

Since the Trump Government came into rule, they are many speculations regarding employment visa in the USA. The main agenda of the Trump Government is to decrease the alien workforce in the United States of America. The locals of the US would be jobifyed with those vacancies. H1B Visa is the prime visa that is issued to the foreign workers. A decade before that is before Obama regime, there is no limitation or cap to work in the United States.

Obama came into the rule and kept the income of Foreign workforce under control. From that time, everything went well, the software related industry is improving day to day, and there is a need of human to operate things. Now, Trump removed the Premium Cap for 2017 H1B Visa.

The Problem

As per the stats, the natives of the United States are not so good in technology, and they cannot work for small salaries for the kind of that Aliens do. Many of the software companies recruit few intellectual people from other countries like India, China, Philippines using H1B Visa. With the removal of Premium Cap, the companies cannot recruit anymore using the H1B Visa 2017.

With this effect, there is a fall in the share market which affects a little on the economy of the United States.

The Solution

If the workforce of the native US citizens covers the space between the need, then we can see a stable growth in the software sector. The applicants who wish to apply for Premium Cap of H1B Visa can still file for the employment visa by the sponsoring companies. There are no changes related to Regular and Master Cap of H1B Visa 2017. If you ask me, it is good for both the sides by removing H1B Visa Premium Cap. Did I miss anything important? Just let me know by commenting below.


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